Rules and Student Conduct

Behavioral Expectations and Disciplinary Policy:

Since we are a drop-off program, our expectations need to be clear.
We expect students to address all adults respectfully, answering questions with “Yes, ma’am” or “No, sir” for example.
We expect all students to arrive on time for their classes, and be picked up when their classes for the day are over. If a student is not picked up promptly, parents will be charged for an hour in the student center. The student center will close promptly at 3:30pm. Please pick up your children promptly if their last class ends at 3:30pm. Our teachers will need to clean their rooms and go leave for the day. Several of our teachers have to be other places on Tuesday’s at 4:00, so they will need to leave asap.
We expect CCA students to come to classes with an opened mind and heart, to show kindness and respect to other students as well as adults, to arrive each Tuesday prepared for classes, and to behave in a manner befitting a well-mannered, homeschooled student.

In the case of a student consistently showing disrespect to others or not following the rules, we will enforce the policy of “Three strikes, and you’re out.” After three disciplinary measures being needed for any student throughout the year, that student will be dismissed from classes at CCA with no refunds given. The ‘three strikes’ will not be given for simple, small things such as talking out of turn in the classroom, or needing a reminder to stay in a seat during class. The three strikes are given for behaviors that are deemed not befitting to a CCA student. 
**This is not subject to a vote, and parents may or may not agree whether their child should have received a behavioral strike in any case. It is strictly up to the CCA staff.**

These behaviors would include, but are not limited to the following: Using swear words on school property, being outwardly disrespectful to any CCA staff or anyone else present at field trips or school-related activities, or any threatening or bully behavior at all, even if you, the parent, do not agree that your child has threatened or bullied anyone. CCA staff will make the call, and all actions will be irrevocable, with no refunds given if a child is dismissed, regardless of the time of the year, and regardless of whether all post-dated checks have yet been cashed. A more complete list of inappropriate behaviors regarding behavioral strikes can be found at the bottom of this page. Behaviors that can result in a behavioral strike against the student are not limited to the behaviors found on this list. 

Additionally, there is always the possibility that ANY inappropriate behavior, whether listed here or not listed at all, if CCA leadership deems it appropriate, may result in immediate expulsion of the student, regardless of how many strikes the student has. These behaviors could include, but are not limited to, using drugs or alcohol ON OR OFF school property, damaging property, bullying or fighting another student when not in self defense, or realistically threatening the life of anyone on the planet, whether that person is a CCA student or not. This would depend on the severity of the student’s actions, and again, is not subject to a vote including parents’ opinions on whether the consequence is appropriate for their student’s actions. Again, a more thorough list can be found at the bottom of this webpage. Behaviors resulting in immediate expulsion are not limited to any behaviors found on this list. In other words, if all of our students behave, we’ll all get along just great. If you have any inhibitions about these conditions, do not sign up with CCA.

We hope that everyone understands the undertaking CCA is accepting in being responsible for the safety and well-being of our students. We want the very best for all of our students. This disciplinary policy should comfort all the parents who are bringing your children to attend classes at CCA, with peace of mind in knowing that your child will be well cared for and protected to the best of our abilities. If you have any hesitations as to whether we may be ‘too strict’ for your child, we urge you to reconsider whether we might be a good fit for your family. CCA is what it is, and we offer this environment to you and your children. You may choose to accept this environment or go elsewhere.

Please understand that the rules and expectations will be the same for every student, whether the parent is present or not. In other words, when you come to pick up your son or daughter from class, they will not then be allowed to go play in the parking lot or outside the building without a teacher with them because their parent told them they could. Also, if a parent is visiting for lunch or for a holiday party during our lunch and social hour, the child will still be expected to follow all the same rules, regardless of whether a parent or guardian has told them they do not need to clean up from their lunch, or that they are allowed to play in another room without a CCA teacher. For example, if a student is in a classroom without a teacher, says to one of our teachers “It’s okay, because my Mom (or Dad, or Grandma, or anyone else) told me I could play in here because she’s almost finished talking to a teacher, and then we’re going to go home. My classes are finished for the day,” that will be one behavioral strike against the student for being in a classroom without a teacher present. Please do not cause your student to receive disciplinary measures for your decisions about whether they need to follow the rules and expectations as always. Please be sure your children understand this as well.

Listed below are various “nature of offenses” included in our 3 strike policy. After receiving three strikes from any of these offenses in any given school year, students can be suspended or expelled from CCA. No refunds are available due to expulsion.

Three Strike Offenses:
Dress code violation
Distraction/Disorderly conduct
Violation of food/drink in class
Failure to complete academic assignment
Removal from class
Leaving campus unexcused
Tobacco in any form
Cheating, lying, or plagiarism
Vulgarity or profanity
Taking the Lord’s name in vain
Defacing school/church property
Fighting / Verbal abuse

Immediate Expulsion:(student does not have to have any other strikes)
Damaging school/church property

You, the parents and the students, are stating that you are in complete agreement with the behavioral policy chosen by CCA. Students will not be allowed to register if not in agreement with this policy.