About Us

Over the last couple of years, my husband and I have been wishing we had something different for our homeschooled children. I’ve often found myself saying things like “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program in Lebanon where elementary kids could just take elective classes, but not do a co-op class?”, and “Co-op sometimes feels so busy, we don’t do as many field trips as we’d like to do. I wish we could do more field trips on co-op days so we wouldn’t feel guilty giving up another day of school work at home for the week.” We enjoyed the co-ops we were doing, but it just wasn’t what we were looking for anymore.

I also have really enjoyed having my older students in a tutorial where they have had quality academic classes, and a wonderful peer group for group classes, trips, and activities. But there’s been nothing available in Lebanon. I started thinking of a program that offered something different for all my kids – a tutorial for elementary through high school grades. Eventually, I began to consider beginning such a program myself! But I needed a location. I’ve taught Super Science classes for several years out of my home, but since I don’t have multiple classrooms in my house, I didn’t feel I could accommodate more one class here. 

Toward the end of last school year, I talked to our friend Carol, who teaches an art elective class for homeschool students at another tutorial, and learned that she was interested in teaching some more art classes. Then we had our History teacher fall into our laps; then a literature teacher, and before we know it, we had a list of classes we had chosen because we wanted our kids to take, and the specific people who we wanted to teach them! All we needed was a location. And Southside Baptist Church opened their doors to us. 

My fellow teachers and I actually created these classes with the intention of our own children taking them. When we initially started making these plans, we did not even envision a tutorial being born. But once we made a class list for each age group and mentioned the idea to a few families of friends, we got a much more supportive response than we had anticipated! Without even realizing quite when it began, we were creating and planning Cornerstone Christian Academy. And since we began our first year in August of 2014, we have grown steadily every year. 

What is CCA?

First, let me tell you what it is not. CCA is not a co-op. At a co-op, parents work cooperatively to teach each other’s children a variety of subjects. Parents take turns participating in and coordinating co-op events, and all work together to make the school year happen. Co-ops can be a wonderful experience for a homeschool family. But we were looking to create something unique to fill a different niche in the homeschool community.

Cornerstone Christian Academy is a homeschool tutorial for elementary students from grades 1 through high school. The elementary grades, grades 1 through 6, will meet a total of 24 times per year for classes, as well as additional days for field trips and school parties and activities. Grades 7 and up meet for 30 class days, as well as additional days for field trips and parties. 

The elementary classes we offer at CCA are aimed at being both scholastic and fun. We want our kids to learn in their CCA classes about academic subjects such as literature, science, history, art, the Bible, and financial intelligence. We want their learning ‘day out’ of the house to be highly educational, but still full of interesting and engaging activities, such as games, arts and crafts, and various hands-on materials. And we want to take lots of educational and memorable field trips with our homeschool group! CCA is exactly what we’ve been looking for, for our kids. We hope that you can come and join us in enjoying such a unique and enriching learning experience! 

Parents of CCA students sign their kids up for exactly what classes they want their kids to take. There are at least five classes offered for each age group. Classes will meet on Tuesday’s from 8am til 3pm at West Hills Baptist Church in Lebanon, with classes beginning in August. We will have a one-hour break for lunch, which will also be a great time for the kids to socialize and visit with their friends. They can talk, play games (not ipods or ipads, but card games or board games), and if the weather is nice then we will take them outside to play tag, throw a football or frisbee, or hang out and enjoy the weather. They will need to remain in the room (or outdoors) under our teachers’ supervision at all times, and will not be allowed to roam in or outside the building. 

Here’s another great characteristic of our program – We take at least 4 group field trips per year! (Field trips will be planned during months that we do not have spring break or fall break.) The field trips will be scheduled by CCA leadership, and details will be communicated through email. They will be done at no extra cost to the students, of course, but everyone will pay their own way to attend. Field trips will be optional, and students will need to sign up in advance. Parents will be responsible for the transportation of your children, although we are sure other moms will welcome carpooling to save gas and to gain good company. Parents will not be required to attend every field trip as long as the parent makes arrangements for an adult in attendance to be responsible for your child(ren). 

Please e-mail us at

New family interest – ccalebanon@gmail.com – Gmail

We look forward to another outstanding year of homeschooling our children together!