Costs and Tuition

Cost of Registration:

At CCA, we handle our fees a bit differently than many homeschool tutorials and co-ops. We have very low registration fees, so the money you pay to CCA goes to the teachers for the classes you want your students to take. Our teachers will pitch in and get the work done, so the fees balance out very well.

Registration at CCA is only 
$225 for 1 student, 
$275 for 2 students, 
or $325 for 3 or more students in your family. 

This registration fee will pay for school t-shirts, a few things to play with outside, copies, ink, soap, paper towels, cleaning supplies, general operating supplies, rent, etc, etc.

Yes, those registration fees include a t-shirt for each student registered with CCA! (Parents may opt to purchase a t-shirt for themselves as well at $12 each for adult sizes S to XL.)

Tuition and Class Fees:

Kindergarten is a 3-hour block, and is $448 a year.

CCA Classes for grades 1 through 4 are $176 per year, per class. Each class is one hour and goes for 24 weeks of the school year.

Classes for grades 5 through 12 at CCA are 30 weeks in length and cost $230 per year, per class, for a one-hour class. One semester classes for grades 5 through 12 are subsequently $115. Some upper-level secondary classes will meet for 1.5 hours and will be $310 per year.

Tuition checks are written directly to each individual teacher.

Each elementary level CCA class will also have a class materials fee associated with that class.
Each Jr high and high school class will typically require a textbook to be purchased for each student. Teachers will inform you of textbooks requirements upon registration for their class.
The class fees for elementary grades depend on the class and the materials used. Teachers will use this to supply any copies and additional materials (beyond regular school supplies that students will bring, such as notebooks and pens). Keep in mind this replaces the need for purchasing a textbook in any of these subjects. Class materials fees are required at registration, so our teachers can finalize lesson plans, make copies, and purchase materials over the summer, to be prepared before classes begin.

Class fees listed are per student, per year.

Individual class materials fees are TBA.

All elementary students will need to come to classes with markers, scissors, pencils/pens, two glue sticks, and crayons for grades 1-6. Please be sure all crayons, markers, and glue sticks are washable. These can be stored in a schoolbox and/or backpack students can bring to CCA every Tuesday. Some classes may require a specific supply to be brought from home, such as a 3-ring binder to put all papers in, or a notebook, a Bible, etc. You will find this information on the class information sheets provided by each teacher.

If an elementary student has a one-hour empty period in their schedule between other classes, they are welcome to stay in the Student Center for that hour. Because the student center must be monitored at all times, there will be a $80 per year charge for a student to remain in the student center for one hour each Tuesday. Students will need to sign up for a 1-hour slot in the student center the same way they sign up for a class. Only students listed as being registered for each hour will be allowed in the student center during that time. The student center is not intended to be a hangout, but is intended to help parents who do not wish to sign up for another class during that 1-hour block, but who do wish for their student to have a class during the next hour. This way, they will not need to come and pick up their child between classes. 

If a junior high or high school student has a one-hour free period in their schedule, given that they are registered for a class before and after that hour, that student is permitted to remain in the Student Center at no extra charge. We feel that students in grades 7 and older would not need monitoring the way younger students would, so they are given this privilege with the understanding that they are to remain in the Student Center under staff supervision, and will not be allowed to roam the parking lot outside during school hours. This is to help parents who want their child to take a class, for example, at the first and third period of the day, but do not wish to sign up for anything offered in 2nd period. Every student is only allowed one free period per day. Only students listed on the Student Center roster for each hour will be allowed to remain. If a junior high or high school student were to abuse the trust we have placed in them to be self-sufficient during that hour, they would not be allowed to stay during their free period. We have excellent students and outstanding families at CCA, and do not expect this to ever become an issue.